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Gateway to André 3000’s New Blue Sun

If you’ve been swept away by the ambient jazz-flute vibes of André 3000’s new album New Blue Sun, this playlist is where you need to go next, with over 2 hours of music from artists like Alice Coltrane, McCoy Tyner, Yusef Lateef, Hermeto Pascoal, and many more.

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Midnight Fantasy

Early in the summertime come those magical nights where all you need is a rooftop, a cool breeze, and one killer tune for the possibilities of the universe to seem infinite. Midnight Fantasy: a playlist for those who love to meld what is, and what could be, into one cosmic slice of reality.

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The Definitive Jazz Dispensary

Every note, groove, and vibe of the Jazz Dispensary discography. Lean back, breathe in, space out.

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Electric Relaxation

A playlist that opens the door to a world of laid-back, mellow grooves full of stereo-panning keys, floating synth pads, spiritual expansions, and sonic meditations. The ultimate chill-out playlist to soundtrack your 420 and beyond…

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Deep Sleep

Tailored to embody that feeling of reality and imagination melting into one when you’re somewhere between waking and sleeping.

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Love at First Puff

Love at First Puff is a playlist crafted to soundtrack a very special night in, reminiscent of a scene from an old French film. Whether you want them playing in the background while you make pancakes, or rattling the speakers when you ask your significant other to a romantic dance, this mix of cult-classic tracks will set the right tone for a special time with a special someone.

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A Stroll In The Stars

Curated by our friend Jess Rotter, this mix of cosmic jazzy jams are heard with headphones, something fun in a glass, and a good stare at the ceiling.

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The Mind’s Eye

The Mind’s Eye playlist is a two hour journey into the most transcendental corners of Jazz, where the silkiest of organ melodies meet the tightest drum beats. But don’t take our word for it, hear it to believe it.

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Green Lagoon

These tunes that zigzag between the sandy shores of Brazil and the rocky coasts of the Italian Riviera are here to remind you that it’s always summertime somewhere. Dip your toes in, if you dare.

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Astral Travelin’

Leave the planet for a little while and go Astral Travelin’ with tracks guaranteed to deliver you to a higher consciousness. This is music to get lost in; both densely textural and with a loosely flowing groove.

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Purple Funk

Equally sweet and awfully nasty, Purple Funk keeps the groove alive with a rotating cast of certified jazz-funkateers and beyond.

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