With jazz as its source, and the high-flying sounds and youthful exuberance of the greatest classic funk and rock as a guiding philosophy, Jazz Dispensary blurs boundaries and opens minds to the psychoactive potential of music, introducing a new generation to the grooves that elevated the hippest heads of the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Prestige, Milestone and Fantasy: these names don’t just signify three of the most significant jazz resources, but are signposts leading to layers of ever-deeper musical discovery — overflowing with a bounty of new, immediately ear-catching favorites ripe for the plucking. These legendary labels, active predominantly in the fertile fields of New York and Los Angeles of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, were outlets for a new wave of jazz-trained artists who’d cut their teeth with old school bandleaders but were finally ready to break out on their own and throw off the restraints of by-the-book jazz. Why riff on a Gershwin showtune for improvisation when the technicolor palette of Sly Stone, James Brown and Curtis Mayfield is available as a launching pad? Concurrently, Stax and Volt were doing the same for soul and R&B in Memphis. This was not your grandfather’s country blues! Turned on, dialed in and soaked in the tumultuous social milieu of the times, roiled with Vietnam and the Civil Rights Movement, songwriters and musicians brought a new edge to their music that was at once youthful and wise to the game.

Jazz Dispensary aims to curate and consolidate these multiple, highly potent strains of sound under one roof — a one-stop cornucopia of mind-expanding, high grade selections drawn from the finest sources. With knowledgeable sound sommeliers as guides, Jazz Dispensary brings deep catalog gems to the table, offering bespoke selections to match every mood and inspire an elevated conversation that places these under appreciated yet eminently provocative pieces in their proper place as jewels of American creative music.

Jazz Dispensary’s core commitment to quality does not stop at our unimpeachable catalog. With vinyl reissues firmly established as a growing and sustainable segment of the music market, Jazz Dispensary is naturally positioned as an exemplar of the high-end, collectible culture that so many yearn for in today’s ephemeral, disposable society. Just as the seasoned crate-digger knows that hidden vintage vinyl holds its value and appreciates over time, Jazz Dispensary provides new opportunities for a fresh generation of diggers not satisfied with shallow pop to feast on a genuinely crafted product that is solid in every facet: 180 gram pressings. Artwork from the original sources, applied to thick stock covers in tip-on fashion. Careful audio engineering and mastering at every step.

Jazz Dispensary adheres to this intersection of mind-expanding music run through strict quality control in our critically acclaimed compilation series, which feature custom created psychedelic artwork complimenting the smoke-friendly grooves.

Jazz Dispensary seeks to transmit the lineage of quality music and its presentation from the source to its closest analogues in the present, but we haven’t forgotten the digital realm. To this end, Jazz Dispensary also makes available on streaming outlets each of the rare gems it reissues. Most of these treasures have never been disseminated or available for the average listener on these popular platforms, and this fresh outreach will certainly create inroads to lead new fans deeper into the many discoveries awaiting in the stocked stash of Jazz Dispensary. One hit, and you’re hooked! New journeys and tantalizing pathways abound, from the meditative and moody to the uproarious, ecstatic and joyous. A funky good time, a mystic journey, a powerful inspiration, Jazz Dispensary has the medicine that will spark things off and set the mood. Let us take you on a trip!