Roy Lee Johnson & The Villagers - Roy Lee Johnson & The Villagers (LP)


An unsung monster from the waning hours of the Stax empire, Roy Lee Johnson & The Villagers' eponymous LP is as funky as anything the label ever released. While its sound is unmistakably Stax -- its elegant yet earthy sensibility couldn't come from anywhere else -- the music expands on the formula via tight, hypnotic grooves and scorching guitar licks. The up-tempo "I Can't Stand This Loneliness" is the unqualified highlight, but there's not a bum note to be found here -- everything works, from the relentless opener "Patch It Up" to the lovely ballad "Something Special."

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Side A

1.Patch It Up
2.I'll Be Your Doctor Man
3.Something Special
4.I Can't Stand This Loneliness
5.The Dryer (Part 2)

Side B

1.Don't Tell Me Nothing About My Woman
2.Razorback Circus
4.Midnight At Riley's
5.The Dryer (Part 1)


• First availability of the LP on vinyl since its release in 1973